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Loupe (n): simple, small magnification device used to see small details more closely
The Loop (n): Central business district of Chicago, IL. One of the city’s 77 designated community areas

Hello wonderful patients!

If you have explored our site or visited our office before, you know the tooth (c’mon, we had to!)

The TRUTH is…

We are dedicated to creating your ideal smile. We are proud to have 80+ years of combined dental knowledge and practice. While there is a good chance you are proficient (or even fluent) in other languages, we absolutely understand that staying in the loop about dental best practices can feel like a new form of communicating.

Grasping our native tongue, Dental, can be quite a challenge! That is why we care just as much about your dental education as we do about creating your ideal smile.

Our goal is to always explain your treatment plan in an easy-to-understand way. You’ve heard that knowledge power, and we agree. When you know the truth (got it right this time!), you can make smart, well-informed decisions.

Whenever you give us a call to ask a question, you know that we are happy to answer it.

Whenever we call you to check in on how you are feeling post-procedure, you know that we care about your overall wellbeing.

But, there will be days when you find yourself on the hunt for some wisdom… (you definitely thought we were going to write ‘wisdom teeth,’ didn’t you?) On those days, you can always feel free to visit this site, learn about our services, and check out some resources for your dental needs.

When you stop by In the Loupe, you will:

  • STAY in the loop with our roundup of oral care tips and easy-to-swallow hygiene trends
  • EXPLORE the Loop & Chicago’s neighborhoods with our trusted recommendations on where to go, what to do, and who to see; after all, we are located in the Gold Coast near Chicago’s Loop, and we just so happen to be native Chicagoans
  • SEE through our loupes: Dentists use loupes to see better. Here, we share our perspective on current events and pop culture, with our dental-inspired twist

We look forward to keeping you in the loop!

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